John Ruggieri-Lam & Maria FredduraJohn G.F. Ruggieri-Lam | Maria L. Freddura  
Principal Owners

John (middle left) is originally from Providence, RI and thereafter Boston, MA where he received his education in Business Management and Law.  He began visiting Woodstock in the late 1980's and soon met David and Bill - the two founding partners of Bentleys Restaurant.   John continued to visit Woodstock over the years, and eventually bought a vacation home in Barnard. Maria became John's partner in the vacation home, "Stonewall Lodge", in 2011.  The opportunity to acquire Bentleys was a completely unexpected development that led to a broadening of their business relationship.  John is married to a dancer with the Boston Ballet, John D. Lam (far left), and enjoys travel, music, horses, and gatherings with his close knit family and friends.

Maria, and her husband, Paul, (far right) own The Daily Catch Restaurants in Boston. The mother of seven sons, Maria is a bonafide force of nature with the kind of no-nonsense business acumen that was no doubt born of necessity. Seven sons! The logistics alone boggle the mind.

Todd BeboTodd G. Bebo - Office | Proprietor

Hired at Bentleys in the very early 1990's, Todd is a graduate of UVM and a member of the Professional Organization of English Majors - P.O.E.M. He has worked with some pretty amazing people over the years and feels lucky to have lived in Vermont since early childhood. He met his wife at Bentleys, without a doubt, his greatest achievement in the workplace. He enjoys turning off lights in empty rooms and asking his teenage son & daughter for permission to use the internet.


Heather AshlineHeather Ashline - Bar Manager

Heather is a Vermont native and has been associated with the businesses for nearly 15 years - primarily at the former Quechee location. She is a graduate of the New England Culinary Institute. A natural athlete, she enjoys golf, cycling, skiing and the beach. Heather makes her home in Hartland and is engaged to be married.







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